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 +==== A Ragu / Sak Sex Story ====
 +''<Sak>'' Ragu strode into town on a horse half as horny as he was. And the horse was really horny.\\
 +''<Sak>'' Sak looked outside the salloon and took a swig of Moonshine.\\
 +''<Sak>'' Ragu went inside of the bar.\\
 +''<Sak>'' "Hey," he said (confidently) to Sak, "I'm a cowboy. You wanna do it?"\\
 +''<Sak>'' Sak nodded. "Fuck yeah, dude. I do. I do want to do it with you."\\
 +''<Sak>'' Ragu started boning Sak. Right there. On the table.\\
 +''<Sak>'' "Awwww yehhhhh," Ragu proclaimed.\\
 +''<Sak>'' "Fuck yeah! We're doing it!" Sak also proclaimed.\\
 +''<Sak>'' They finished up.\\
 +''<Sak>'' "Hey cowboy," Sak said. "Don't forget your badge."\\
 +''<Sak>'' He knew the badge was a fake cowboy badge all along.\\
 +''<Sak>'' ~fin~
 +==== OMAKE: Fen + Brooke S L A S H ====
 +''<Sak>'' Fen got out of the shower. He had paid careful attention whilst washing his nuts this time.\\
 +''<Sak>'' "Whoa, your nuts are really clean," Brooke said. "Your pubes look beautiful."\\
 +''<Sak>'' ~fin~