Let's Play

<Usagi_Sauce> i'm gonna post a video let's play of my dick

<Usagi_Sauce> in 48 chapters

<Usagi_Sauce> but not before i do the one for my balls

<Usagi_Sauce> they were released later, but they're actually a prequel

<Usagi_Sauce> they got a much better reception from the press

<Usagi_Sauce> but i think after people understand the story of my balls they'll be interested to know how it continues

<Sak> Oh, Usagi, love that!

<Sak> I'd love to see a LP of your dick and balls.



<Usagi_Sauce> I'm not sure if I'm going to do a voice-over as I play or add subtitles afterwards.

<GameQuoter> LP MY BALLS, PART 1 OF 46

<Usagi_Sauce> It adds flavour, but my balls have some excellent music that I'd like viewers to experience at its best.

<GameQuoter> Are you goign to go through a FULL play through?

<GameQuoter> even the hidden levels?

<Usagi_Sauce> Sorry, I meant my dick.

<Usagi_Sauce> The original composer left before my balls went into development.

<Sak> I seriously enjoy a voice over.

<GameQuoter> Dude, your balls' music is SERIOSULY underrated

<GameQuoter> don't knock it

<Usagi_Sauce> I don't know, dude. I don't know if I've ever heard anyone apart from Eazy seriously claim to enjoy my balls' music.

<Sak> I agree with GQ and FH, actually.

<Sak> Your balls' music is simply breathtaking in spots.

<GameQuoter> As a whole though, of course your dick's music is superior

<Sak> Yeah.

<GameQuoter> I can't argue against that

<Sak> What about your asshole?

<Sak> Can we expect an LP of your asshole?

<Usagi_Sauce> My asshole is a weird one.

<Sak> Yeah.




<Usagi_Sauce> I mean, it's from the same developers, obviously.

<Sak> Clearly.

<Usagi_Sauce> And it shares some very similar themes, but it's difficult to argue that it's part of the same series.

<Sak> I like it, actually.

<Sak> You know which one out of the series is really weird?

<Sak> Your dude-pussy.

<Sak> I don't like that one.

<GameQuoter> Yeah, but you can clearly see that the producers tried injecting too much influence on the developers while making the asshole

<GameQuoter> Thinking they knew where teh market was going

<Sak> Your dude-pussy was weird because it was just like they tucked away aspects of your balls and your penis.

<Sak> Your dick, sorry.

<Sak> Keep on forgetting that was the Japanese title.

<Usagi_Sauce> If interest is still high after my dick, I'll probably do my asshole.

<Eazi-F> Didn't your taint only come out in Japan

<Usagi_Sauce> But in between I'm going to post the OVA of my taint.

<Eazi-F> I've never actually tried it

<Sak> I've never played his taint.

<GameQuoter> Oh shit, you actually got taint footage?

<GameQuoter> I thought that was all scrapped mid production

<Sak> I was so turned off by his dude-pussy.

<Usagi_Sauce> There was never a game, but when the rights were sold in the mid-nineties, the company took the partially completed cut-scene footage and assembled it into my taint.

<GameQuoter> Ah

<Usagi_Sauce> Some purists don't think it has any place there at all, but they paid close attention to the original script, and it's actually pretty good at reconciling my balls and my asshole into a single continuity.

<Sak> His taint has rarely been seen.

<Usagi_Sauce> My dude-pussy actually came in like 2001, after the rights changed hands a second time.

<Usagi_Sauce> They recycled a lot of old assets to make it.

<Sak> i just fuckin' lol'd

<Usagi_Sauce> The ideas behind it were pretty innovative, but it wasn't something you could play for long.

<Usagi_Sauce> The critics said it lacked depth.

<Sak> It's like:

<GameQuoter> Well, clearly the critics only did a playthrough of the first round

<Sak> everything that made your dick and your balls WAS GONE.

<GameQuoter> not even realizing you only get to the REAL meat of the story in playthough 2

<Usagi_Sauce> And it didn't really fit into the overarcing saga of my groin.

<Sak> I agree with the putative claim: his dude-pussy sucks.

<Sak> Yeah.

<Sak> Your asshole was a nice gaiden.

<Usagi_Sauce> It was kind of an alternate-universe thing, which was pretty alienating to long-time fans, and it lacked the polish to attract people who were new to the series.

<Usagi_Sauce> Also, it was for the GBA.