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 +===== The Secret of Akihabara & Moe Otaku =====
 +''This text was mirrored from its original location at http://blog.livedoor.jp/you_rari/archives/50592008.html to help ensure its preservation in the case of possible server loss.''
 +This is an icon of "Arahabaki".\\
 +Arahabaki is a god who has shape to deform the woman.
 +Arahabaki was believed in from ancient times to the people in Japan as a god who prevented the disaster and reflected the curse.
 +As for the history of Arahabaki belief,\\
 +The icon of Arahabaki made 3000 years or more ago exists.
 +Arahabaki belief existed in every region of Japan until Edo period of the 19th end of the century.\\
 +However, this belief was suppressed to the government that implement modernization campaign,and declined at the Meiji era.
 +But, arahabaki was secretly believed in among the people.\\
 +And, a center place of this secret belief is "Akihabara".\\
 +"A-ki-ha-ba-ra" is a name of a place to permute the character of "A-ra-ha-ba-ki".
 +The icon of "Arahabaki" was not able to have been done publicly in the age when its belief was suppressed.\\
 +Therefore, its believers made a figurine of female as taking the place of the icon.\\
 +To escape from the suppression of the government, these figurines were treated as a souvenir. This is an origin of "Moe Figure".
 +To know the etymology of the word "Moe" here,\\
 +I introduce the song of the ceremony that worships Arahabaki.\\
 +In this ceremony,its believers form a ring around the fire and this song is sung.\\
 +(It is prohibited to record because this song is hymn.)
 +The following are English translations of this lyrics.
 +<color red>We honor the god in the heaven.</color>\\
 +<color red>The god shows up by the shining appearance.</color>\\
 +(Chorus: <color red>moe- moe- otaku</color>)(("Moe" means "burn" in Japanese.\\
 +And, "Otaku" is one of the pronouns that mean "You" in Japanese.\\
 +("Otaku" is not a meaning of anime fan here.)\\
 +In a word, this chorus says, "You burn". And this chorus is calling to "You" in the fire.\\
 +Does "You" indicate the god, or...?))
 +<color red>We salute the god by three holy signs.</color>((Two of three holy signs are the icon and the sutra that is called "Sototsugarusangunshi".\\
 +And, the last one doesn't transmit until the present age, and be assumed to be a mystery.\\
 +However, the last one is transmitted secretly of "Arahabaki" belief, and there is the theory that it is a woman sacrifice.\\
 +According to the theory of Dr. Kibayashi in MMR (Mizuho Mechanical Research institute).\\
 +The cause from which this belief was prohibited by the government was in this sacrifice custom.\\
 +And, its believers were worshiping the figurine to imitate sacrifice women making it.\\
 +it came to call a figurine of sacrifice "moe figure".\\
 +("Figure" was a word that began to be used in recent years,\\
 +and the word that meant the doll in Japanese "NINGYOU" had been used in old times.)))
 +<color red>Heaven's truth is superior to one,two,three.</color>(("One" means one dimension,"Two" means two dimension, "Three" means three dimension,in a word, these show this world.\\
 +Surprisingly,in the Arahabaki belief, the concept of dimension existed from of old.))\\
 +(Chorus: <color red>moe- moe- otaku</color>)
 +<color red>The God doesn't punish our father and mother's sins.\\
 +Lord leads us to the heaven.</color>\\
 +(Chorus: <color red>moe- moe- otaku</color>)
 +Arahabaki is being believed in by people who live still in Akihabara.\\
 +its icon is enshrined in household altars in the shop and the house in Akihabara.\\
 +However, even if you go to Akihabara, the icon of Arahabaki will be able rarely to be seen.\\
 +Because,people in Akihabara do not like to expose it to the public notice.
 +But, the icon is open to the public at the holy day of Arahabaki once in one year.\\
 +The day is today.\\
 +Therefore, I am introducing "Arahabaki" to people in the country other than Japan.\\
 +So,today is April 1.