Uniform colour: Yellow

Weapon: Taser

Athletics Affection Skill Cunning Luck Will
1 3 2 1 0 4

Absurd (Mutation): Volcano God Spawned

Special symbol (A harpoon)

Secretly a princess

Reason for presence: Related to one of the mansion's masters

Stress explosion: Uncontrollable bawling

Special power: Tenacity (spend 2 Stress to immediately recover from being knocked unconscious in physical combat)

Favour: 24

Spirit: 38/50

Many years ago, on an island not far from the Manse, a young man climbed to the very brink of the roiling caldera of the local volcano. Determined to prove himself before his peers, he stared into the dull glow of the molten rocks far beneath until his eyes themselves seemed to melt, and with furious vigour, began a paroxysm of fervent self-pleasure, finally coming to a trembling head, his toes curling about the lip of the crater, his seed arcing towards the face of the crackled, glowing sea hundreds of feet beneath.

He had no idea that he had been chosen.

Seven seasons later, a lava bomb tossed forth many miles from an unprecedented eruption demolished that same man's dwelling. Found in the middle of the scattered field of cinders that remained was a perfect baby girl, albeit one who was bawling horrifically and apparently producing a puddle of sulphurous fire.

The young man already had a betrothed, which made this most inconvenient.

The child was raised by his grandparents. They made no secret of her origins, but it took her some time, as she grew, to come to terms with everything that this meant.

She is now technically three hundred years old, though she doubts she's been awake for much more than twenty-five of those. It seems that for all her hot blood, her mother's largely dormant nature has bred true, a line which continues in her distinctly phlegmatic temperament.

She made her way to the Manse early in her life, and found it a most congenial place to bed down for substantial periods at a time. Being woken up from decade to decade and pressed into cleaning up because the big blue head thinks that the Anathema are about to Rise Again seems like a small price to pay.

Physically and at rest, she appears to be an adult human female, with pale yellow eyes and ash-coloured hair, which she keeps bound into a long tail with numerous yellow ribbons down its length.

Notably, when she becomes excited or flustered, smoke and indeed flickers of fire may emerge from her nose, ears or other orifices, and when she blushes, the colour spreads across her cheeks not as a smooth flush, but in a crackled pattern reminiscent of the glow of magma through a solid crust.

Provided nobody is watching, she can light candles by the familiar gesture of licking her finger and thumb and pinching the wick. The potential properties of her other bodily fluids exist only in the realm of speculation.

In an amazing coincidence, her father (a whaler by his father's trade) later went on to found the trading dynasty which would come to a depressing end with Amut's father.

Usako's attitude to her duties is responsible, but only inasmuch as she has grown attached to the house to the point of regarding herself as its owner and views the Master as a convenient to-do list. In front of outsiders she is entirely sweet and professional, but once in the sole company of other maids that demeanour evaporates in seconds, leaving only a drawling, slouching, ear-picking shadow of the prototypical servant which was in evidence before.